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This is where it all began for Ryan Schultz, creator of the Candy Cane Crib.  Schultz grew up in a family that enjoyed traveling around the holidays looking at all of the cool and unique displays each year.  Over time, these places would come and go and there was no single attraction to look forward to each year.  That's when Schultz decided to create one himself and he called it the Candy Cane Crib. In 2017 the display drew enough attention and grew big enough to move to Logboat Brewing Company! Follow the Candy Cane Crib on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM or Contact Us for more information!


Other than being Columbia's #1 winter holiday attraction, drawing thousands of visitors over the holiday season, the Candy Cane Crib also serves as a donation hub for the Boys & Girls Club of Columbia.  Each night of the display, multiple boxes are set out for people to generously place their donations to support the local Boys & Girls Club of Columbia, who's mission is to "enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens."  Follow the link below or text the number to donate to this great organization!

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